Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Tips and Things I Didn’t Expect


    We had our first taste of a world class fringe festival a few years ago when we lived in Edmonton.  In August of every year, it is the host to North America’s largest festival of theatre arts and culture.  We lived there 4 years and only took in the sights, sounds and shows once.  However, we had so much fun that one time that when I heard Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest in the world, it immediately went on…

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    Must See Scotland: the Northeast Coast

    Before things got hectic and busy around here with the arrival of our shipment and the move to our flat, we went out exploring one weekend. Exploring the fishing villages, lighthouses…

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    Aberdeen Food

    Review: Chaophraya Restaurant

    Being new to Aberdeen, I’m motivated to explore as much of the city as possible.  That includes sampling the food as well.  A few people told me I’d have to adjust…

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    Highland Games: Tips for Your First Time

    In case you haven’t noticed, I wasn’t excited about moving to Aberdeen (<-understatement of the year!).   But I just want to say a big thanks to my readers and followers on…

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    Life Paris

    Life Lately: July in Transition

    It’s time for another Life Lately post.  It’s my monthly roundup post of things we’ve been up to that really don’t warrant their own post.  And it’s hard to believe that between…

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    Sadie moves to Aberdeen: The Journey

    I am Sadie.  The Smalls’ cat. You may have already heard about me.  This is my first guest post.  This is a story of how I became an International Cat of…

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    Our Last Days in Paris: Saying Goodbye

    Over the last week, I shared what two other Paris expat bloggers would do with their final days in Paris.  Lucky for them they will continue la vie en rose but for us,…